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People and culture of PuriPuri, though a small temple town, attracts large number of people from different parts of India, many of whom wish to settle down here for its status as the ultimate place of salvation.
The Cultural heritage of Puri with its long recorded history beginning from third century B.C till present day. The monuments and religious sanctity, way of life of the people with their rich tradition posses emphatically to be the cultural heart of Orissa. Puri being a cosmopolitan culture entertains various classes of people. The traditional class of persons of Puri consists of Temple Sevayats, Supakars and others as stated earlier. But the most significant are the artisans, which consist of carpenters (Badhei), Painters (Chitrakaras), Potters (Kumbhakaras), Stone- carvers (Pathurias), Applique workers and other artisans engaged in manufacturing of different handicrafts like Patta Paintings, Palm-leaf carving, Seashell products etc. All such artisans have linkage with the Jagannath Temple and the products have tourist's attraction. Their economic activities are more oriented and influenced by the lifestyle of Sevayats. The carpenters (Badheis) of Puri are engaged in the construction of the massive chariots (Festive Car) every year .Similarly the Tailors (Daraji) stitch the cloth for the chariots (Festive Car) and flag (pataka) for the Jagannath Temple, the jewelers (Bania) are associated with the preparation and repair of ornaments of the temple Lords, the carriers (Bojhia) of Mahaprasad all entertain a sense of pride being associated with the service (Seva) to Lord Jagannath Temple.

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